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You Deserve what YOU SAY you Deserve!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

You Deserve what YOU SAY you Deserve!

BY: Grace Ann Polasek, CEO, Contemporize

Recently I was watching a show, #QUEEREYE, (it is on #Netflix) if you have not watched it, do it!!! Great feel good show about love and life and happiness and work life balance and just really ALL THE THINGS! This show is so beautiful and sweet and basically the moral of the story is that a group of men go into the lives of those in need and show them how they can be their 100% authentic selves! #beyourself

So, on one of the recent episodes in season 3 a gentleman was talking about how he just didn’t feel as if he deserved to look and feel good and it got me thinking… While for so many of us that can happen in everyday life, but it can ALSO happen in business. We get overworked and underpaid sometimes and life gets busy and we look up and wonder if we deserve what we have? If we deserve the moment, we have and if we could work harder to achieve a goal faster? Let’s face it, being a business owner is #HARD and it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, long hours, tears, blood sometimes, sacrifices and so much more… BUT the payoff can be great, rewarding and make you feel as if you are on top of the world and nothing can touch you. #ontopoftheworld

This is an amazing feeling being in the world of business is, kind of a gamble if you will… But what it boils down to is you deserve what you WORK FOR. Now all may not agree on this with me, but that is OK! My philosophy is that you deserve what you work for and I stand behind that. I was taught that dreams do not work unless you do- you cannot sit and wait for something to change if you don’t work for it. Yes, bad things happen to good people and so on so forth, but YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU SAY YOU DESERVE. #youarewhatyousayyouare

If you think you deserve a $1,000,000 home and a Range Rover then QUEEN more power to you- (don’t we all deserve that, LOL.) The difference between those with it & those without it is the amount of work you are willing to put in to make your dreams a reality. #slaydreanms #heylookmaimadeit

#Dreams are not built overnight and most often we are not all able to just go to sleep, dream a great idea and BOOM wake up with it all… I think that only happens in Disney movies… However, you can #WORK to make your dreams a reality and no personal achievement I have experienced thus far feels better than that!

If you are looking for a sign to put pen to paper with goals and work on achieving what you say you deserve, here it is! Wake up, smell the roses, turn SOMEDAY into TODAY & go make your dreams happen! #makesomedaytoday

AND, if you need a little assistance doing so we are here to #cheeryouon and help with our variety of Business Services! Comment below of shoot us an e-mail to CHAT!!!

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