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WHAT IS SEO & how can it help or hurt my business?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

WHAT IS SEO & how can it help or hurt my business?

BY: Grace Ann Polasek, Contemporize CEO

SEO- the topic of today- in short SEO stands for search engine optimization but it is A WHOLE LOT MORE than just that! SEO is important whether you are a small or large boutique business, a chain, or a global brand! SEO is in every niche also- it is important no matter what your sector is- if you are not optimizing search engine results you are MISSING OUT!

SEO is sales, SEO is customer, SEO is hits on your website, SEO is ranking on search engines, SEO is likes, SEO is comments, SEO IS IMPORTANT is today’s every changing business world! So listen up! #realtalk

SEO has many definitions but in short SEO is the act of getting traffic through FREE or organic search engines. FREE TRAFFIC??? WHAAAAA! #bossmove

WHO doesn’t like free?????? No one I know.

So, there are a couple of things to remember (actually there are a lot of things to remember,) when working with SEO- but today I am going to share a few tips with you!

To serve as an example we are going to take a look at this RED DRESS below! There are two types of business owners when relating to SEO: #reddressexample

Type 1: Puts description for below dress as: “Cute red dress, size small- large, fits true to size, only $45.”

Type 2: Puts description for below dress as: “Gorgeous HOT red knee length short sleeve dress. Fabulous for a date night, banquet, night on the town, your cousin’s wedding or even a charity luncheon. Look and feel your best in this beautiful dress available in sizes small- large fitting true to size. Only $45 and the look of a lifetime can be yours!”

Which business owner do you want to be? Type 1 who gets NO sales on her red dress or Type 2 who sells out in 5 minutes and orders another pack because she hits on the key words of date night, charity luncheon, wedding, banquet and SO MANY MORE!

Customers want to feel like they are getting the best, most quality deal before they even entertain the buying mechanism- that is why SEO is important. a

SEO IMPROVES RANKING ON ORGANIC SEARCH ENGINES- Search engines lead to more customers!!! (SHOUT OUT TO #google, #yelp, #yahoo, #safari)

Takeaways: There are 4 key takeaways I want you to harvest from this BLOG POST:

1. Quality of traffic to your website: (who, what, when, where, and why?) Think about who you want to attract and let’s build a profile from there!

2. Quantity of traffic to your website: Once your descriptions, copy, graphics and basics are better the amount of people clicking through (SERPS) Search Engine Result Pages is higher and that leads to more traffic to your site! The more people clicking through SERPS the higher your ranking is and the higher your ranking is the easier it is for customers to find you! #’s = $$$!

3. Organic Results: Ads make up a huge portion of SERPS and while we DO NOT BELIEVE IN ADS, we feel you can attract quality, organic traffic by simple things!

4. Building an SEO friendly website is as easy as the following things: Content and related markup, On-Site topics (publish what you are about,) Link related topics, other optimization, & originality! #beyourself

If you are interested in our SEO packages MESSAGE US, OR SHOOT AN EMAIL TO to receive more info! You can also visit our website to download our pricing and service guide as well as our media guide which is always #complimentary

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