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What is EMPLOYEE CULTURE and how does it relate to SMALL BUSINESS???

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

What is EMPLOYEE CULTURE and how does it relate to SMALL BUSINESS???

BY: Grace Ann Polasek, CEO, Contemporize

What even is business culture? A question a lot of Business owners have asked, will ask, and continue to ask themselves and others in the business industry. WHY SHOULD I CARE?

Culture can simplistically be defined as “the way we do things around here,” and the difference between a great culture and a poor culture is just as big as the difference between a car with 3 wheels and no gas and a car with 4 wheels and a full tank… if you get the analogy here you will see what I am saying is that the difference between a positive and a negative outside view of a company can be downed to something #justthatsimple

A good #culture makes loyal employees, loyal business contacts, loyal customers, and as a result #BOYAH, you get SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. Rocket science I know.

Trust within employees and customers alike stems from four areas: Credibility, Reliability, Intimacy and Self- Orientation.

· Credibility is how credible YOU are as a business or owner.

· Reliability is how reliable YOU are as a business or owner.

· Intimacy is how intimate YOU are as a business or owner.

· Self- Orientation is how THE OTHER PERSON perceives themselves in the industry.

75% of this equation is YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS CULTURE that is the driving force behind a PERCEPTION equation, only 25% is the result of the other party involved. So now can you see how important it is?

Culture goes beyond just a nice office, well dressed employees who secretly hate each other in the lunch room and into the science of behavior, ethics, etiquette and more. Business culture examines leadership vs. management, ability for employees and customers to feel comfortable in their workplace, diversity, inclusion and SO MUCH MORE.

Company culture is no one size fits all: every company is different, some have a feel-good culture with encouragement along the way, some have a hands off culture, others a more competitive cut throat environment, and even some poor cultures exist where employees lack motivation, drive and desire to come to work. There is no right or wrong, the key to developing a culture for your business is discovering what is important to YOU, your business and ultimately the market segment you choose to service. However, I must say- I have NEVER seen anyone go wrong by improving company culture. #companyculture

If you have some #rockin culture comment below and let us KNOW what you do.

Remember, community over competition, there is enough room in the world to go around!

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