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Texas Antiques Week- Trip Review

Hello readers,

It is me again back from a seasonal hiatus. Sometimes I feel like writing, sometimes I do not but I am going to try and get better with updates and blog writings as the year of 2021 progresses.

It is in fact one of my goals. I cannot believe I started this in 2019- and WOW has so much changed since then.

I hope everyone had a lovely Holiday season and is enjoying a prosperous New Year so far- I know I have many things to be thankful for.

Over the end of 2020 I was able to take a few really great trips- Fredericksburg, Texas; Roundtop, TX; Pensacola, Florida; and all over the South (Fl, GA, SC, and NC!) I truly had a great time and did my best to stay safe, courteous and cautious to others along my way.

The weekend of Halloween my parents & I went to the Texas Antiques Fair in Roundtop, TX and BOY OH BOY was it something. Seriously just miles of vendors selling everything under the sun- from ya great great great grandmother's era to new age stuff.

If you have not been to the Texas Antiques Week or do not know what I am talking about- find out more at this link--->

Antiques, vintage, all of it is something we find interesting- I credit this to both of my parents, we have always enjoyed it and my Mom toted me with her as a kiddo to antique stores so I grew up loving it. My Dad on the other hand was one I actually found out in the last couple of years he liked antiquing- something I did not know about him, but he really has an eye for treasures and can often explain what things are to Mom and I which is really helpful. One of my dreams is to open up an Antique store for my parents and I to have, maybe someday. So you could say we are pretty big into "Junking" as many call it and love to admire and even purchase some pretty cool treasures. My Dad taught me to be a master negotiator when it comes to antique dealing so I consider myself pretty sufficient- I know how and when to turn on the charm.

This round Mom and I 's big buys were the vintage coin rings we scored, (mine is made out of a 1936 dime and hers made out of a buffalo nickel, pic included), a few home goods items and even some super cute clothing for great prices. My Dad even picked up a couple of cool items so there is really something for everyone!

Of course during this crazy #covid time I cannot fail to mention the safety precautions of this outing. We also felt super safe during the whole weekend as the event is held outdoors and social distancing was practiced. While some areas of the event mask wearing was optional, there were still a large part of the population attending the event who wore masks as well as many vendors booths required it to enter AND even offered sanitizer and masks- so the whole situation was pretty well done!

Just a few tips I have to share for a fun and safe time are as follows:

1. Wear comfy walking shoes and clothing- the weather during the shows can be SUPER cold or SUPER warm, so dressing for comfort and in layers is KEY. You will see ALL kinds of kinds here and nothing is too extra so you want to plan ahead and take care of yourself.

2. MAKE A LIST of things you want to find if you are going to look for specific things. Do not get me wrong, looking and occasionally buying is awesome but, if you are thinking of going with a big list of items in mind you will want to make a list so you do not waste time and get caught up in the fun.

3. Bring a re-usable bag or cart or wagon to hold your finds. It is just not feasible to hold all of your treasures and with the way the show is laid out going back to your vehicle is not super conducive at all points either. You will want to bring something to put your treasures in.

4. CASH is KING. The ways of this fair are CASH- many vendors do accept credit/ debit cards but if you want to do some serious wheeling and dealing (which is possible) you will want to have cash on you!

5. HAVE A Designated Driver. If you are a drinker and have to get to the fair by vehicle- have a designated driver. The people of TX Antiques week LOVE to drink and there are FREE drinks for those over 21 years of age at many booths- and it is easy to get a little buzzy buzzy if you know what I am saying. So play it safe and have a DD.

While we were there we ate at a few different places but all agreed the the Royers Cafe @ Zapp Hall was our favorite. HOLY MOLY it was awesome. The grilled chicken sandwich, oh baby. Definitely recommend. --->

The margaritas at the Kenney store were super delicious- I could have had a few and then a nap if you know what I mean! HAHA!

We stayed at a really cool tiny house located about 20 minutes away in Burton, TX hosted by an amazing couple who were super sweet, thoughtful, and had a beautiful property! If you want to check out more on staying in a tiny house the link is here --->

We also saw a lot of Trumpies so if you are into that kind of stuff or can respect the political differences people have and still have fun- this is the place for you!

One major thing was also the many live music acts playing around the show- pretty cool stuff. We were pretty focused and serious shoppers so we only saw a couple of short pieces of sets but there is lots of fun if that is your scene!

(It is a rumor Miranda Lambert can sometimes be seen at these events.)

All in all going to the Texas Antiques week fair was such a fun experience. While we are absolute newbies to the whole experience and atmosphere we were met with nothing but kind souls and generous hearts from sellers and artisans trying to make a living at something they love. It was a great time had by us and we really cannot wait to attend the spring show in March/April of 2021!

As always, thank you so much for reading. Leave me a comment or send a message if you have anything to share about an experience you had at Texs Antiques week or just want to say hi!

I have included some pictures as well.

Love to all,

XOXO Grace Ann

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