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Santorini, Greece Travel Experience

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

By: Grace Ann Polasek

Since I have a lot of time on my hands right now in light of the global health pandemic, I figured I would take a bit of time to write a blog on my trip to Santorini, Greece last year!

My cousin and I went to Kamari, Santorini, Greece for about a week in September 2019, which now we realize was not nearly long enough, I wish we would have gone for a much longer time period.

We left the US, flew through Dallas on American Airlines, to London, and finally after what seemed like AGES of traveling we arrived in Kamari, Santorini, Greece. There is a 8 hour time difference so that took a minute for the body to get used to and I slept like a ROCK the first night!

I did not research much about the country of Greece prior to going, I booked the trip on a whim and went for it. #whynot

The country of Greece is very poverty stricken, but that does not take away from the gorgeousness of it- (taxes are so high for residents they are barley scraping by in a lot of areas,) so our first look off the plane was a little bit off from what I expected.

When we got to our hotel everything was great though- we stayed at LaMer which I have linked. I cannot say enough about how amazing the staff and accommodations were at LaMer. The breakfast coffee was absolutely amazing day after day and the Greek breakfast coffee was to die for- the Greek's say the American's try to do it like they do but we cannot master it---- that I believe.

I learned quickly you cannot drink the faucet water in Santorini, which kept me under the weather about a day. #lessonslearned The full first day we were in Santorini we went to the beach, (we went in September,) and the weather was absolutely beautiful. Sunny, 75, & warm- the water on the other hand was COLD but that did not stop us- we still got in and swam! The Mediterranean ocean is COLD and salty, but gorgeous, so clear!

The staff at all the local beach resorts were amazing, we made many friends and enjoyed drinking local beer and spirits brought straight to our beach loungers, searching for gorgeous rocks, and people watching. OH the people watching- the beach in Santorini has a clothing optional policy.... need I say more? #nudebeach While in Santorini we ate amazing gourmet local food, the tzatziki was my personal favorite as well as shrimp risotto on the island. The food was ALL fresh and delicious. Lexi has a gluten allergy and we were a little nervous on how traveling overseas would be for her but what we learned was preservatives and kept food is a very Western idea- the Greek pride themselves on eating well and eating fresh. #glutenfree #glutenfreefriendlytravel For all of the guided tours we did we used Kamari Tours which is a local Kamari tour company: they were very professional and I absolutely reccomend them.

One of the best days we had was visiting the local volcanic ruins and hiking to the top. We boated all day and swam in hot springs, saw gorgeous sights like a post card, and much more. We also got a chance to jump off of a ship to the hot springs below- kind of scary experience but it was wildly fun. (We were told the hot springs were about 150 meters deep... definitely a wild experience.) European men wear lots of speedos... Another highlight of the trip is: I got my Greek driver's license and did a self tour around the Greek Islands---- some in the US think my driving is so bad I should have stayed in Greece, LOL. On this day we visited a local winery which was AWESOME, saw some off the beaten path sites, and 4-wheeled up to the top of a mountain and saw the Greek Mythology Sanctuary and Athena's chambers which was awesome! My personal favorite thing we did was see a LIVE "Greek Wedding Show" production at the white door theater. This included food, dancing and SO MUCH FUN. The staff and actors/ actresses were top quality- we even got to do the tradition of PLATE BREAKING (great stress reliever.) This performance also included dinner and UNLIMITED WINE, which was amazing. If I learned anything it is that the Greek sure do love to drink, wine especially and one of their biggest crops on the island is WINE! The last day we did a traditional Greek Orthodox Church tour and saw the historic and gorgeous painted Greek churches of Santorini! This was a gorgeous experience with SO much history. We also got to see the World Famous Oia sunset, (this is the traditional photo shown of the painted buildings to the sky and the sunset!)

I cannot say how much of a wonderful experience traveling to Greece was. We were treated kindly everywhere we went, respected, loved, SAFE, and we had a blast. The people of Santorini are friendly, open to tourism, and love sharing their culture with others who want to learn and know it. For two young girls, this was a very safe vacation destination. I absolutely highly recommend Greece if you are looking for a European vacation and I hope you take some of the experiences I shared and use them to create your own!

Ya Mas= Cheers in Greek!

Ya Mas to you & yours!

If you enjoyed this blog please leave a comment below, share, and help us spread the word of how amazing and how great a tourist destination Santorini, Greece is! #travelblog #travelgreece #yamas XOXO Always, Grace Ann

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