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Rit Dye Up-Cycled Item Review

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

By: Grace Ann Polasek

This blog post is going to be a little different, it is not business advice, nor is it about running or travel, but rather about a DIY project I took on recently.

I got a SUPER fun cotton dress last summer (see below pic,) and I LOVED it. This dress was something I felt really beautiful, comfortable, and confident in so when it got damaged accidentally, you should be able to understand why I was SUPER mega bummed that somehow I managed to get RUST on one of the pockets... #UHG And of course, the rust did not come out no matter how hard I worked on it.

I decided this dress was too good to throw away so I took to the ole world of Amazon to get my hands on some RIT Garment Dye. Prior to this experience I have never dyed anything before so I was a complete novice when it comes to clothing dye. The product I purchased was Rit Dye in "DENIM BLUE/ AZUL JEAN" and has been linked in case you would like to try it for yourself! (Use the link to get the exact color!) #shoutoutamazon

The actual process of dying the garment was not difficult at all! All it took was hot water, the dye, and salt. I will say- LONG GLOVES ARE A MUST UNLESS YOU WANT BLUE HANDS, (I learned the hard way when my gloves were too short and water leaked in the top, oops.) #learnasyougo

I performed the complete dye process 2 times and then found the result was not as I had expected and the dress had unevenly taken dye in some places over others- however the color was gorgeous, (I think the unevenness was because of the way I dyed the garment- I should have used a bigger container to ensure the dye was able to attach to the material in a more even manner.) About the time I noticed the dye took unevenly in some spots, I was really thinking I had made a mistake on dying the dress as well as wasted my evening, then I had an idea- what if I sprayed bleach and distressed the dress? Sooooo I went for it (Mom & Tyler were skeptical & secretly I was too,) I knew if I messed the bleach up I would not be happy- however surprisingly it took well. I loaded a Dollar Tree spray up with bleach diluted with water (probably about 1/8 cup of bleach and 1/4 cup of water,) and went to town spraying. The dress turned out really well- the color is more purple than blue with the bleach over it but, in my opinion it is perfect and I am proud of my project. I have not been able to wear the dress yet though due to the winter weather in TX being January/ February are traditionally our colder months, BUT I am very excited to wear it soon and will update this blog with a better photo once I do... for now this one taken on the back of my closet door will have to be OK! #workingwithwhatIhave

Overall the experience of bringing something damaged back to life was exciting and I am thrilled to wear my up-cycled unique dress in the coming warm season! The inexpensive purchase of garment dye to save a dress was well worth it and I would absolutely do this again! #DIYQUEEN

Happy Weekend everyone, remember to be kind to the environment, save money, recycle & be kind to each other! #reducereuserecycle

If you have experiences (good or bad or ugly) using RIT brand clothing Dye I would love to hear your stories below in the comments!

XOXO Grace Ann

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