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Meet The Owner:

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Meet The Owner:

BY: Grace Ann Polasek, Contemporize CEO

Hello All and Howdy! I’m Grace Ann, the woman behind the magic! I am a 23 year old TEXAN who loves all things creative!

I enjoy traveling, spending time with family & friends, working, outdoor activities, cheering on my loved ones, faith, and so much more!

I have an amazing supportive family, an awesome group of encouraging friends and the freedom to be self employed (which is AWESOME.)

I come to the Graphic Design, Web Design, Business Services space with a different perspective: when I was in college I opened a jewelry company (Southern Grace Jewelry Co.) well as a college student, my biggest concern was money and when it was coming in I did not want to spend it on things like logos, web design, graphic design and all of that cool stuff. When I got my first quote on graphic design I could have about died it was so high (UGH!) SOOOO, I decided I would learn how to do that myself after taking some graphics courses in high school… (Little did I know,) after a lot of trial and error, the University of YouTube, help from my sweet friend and first logo designer (Vicky,) I finally had a website I was really proud of!

Now making jewelry takes A LOT of time, and can be really labor intensive- I exhausted my family and friends and anyone I could recruit to help me by making it and, eventually the task I once loved became daunting… SO, to preserve my sanity (HAHA) and LOVE for the craft of jewelry making, I closed SGJC in 2018.

BUT WAIT, I have always been a business person, having my first Business (Giggle Girls Jewelry,) when I was just 10 years old… I decided to open Contemporize in January of 2019- I needed more. I had a soul sucking corporate job, and I needed an outlet, I needed the opportunity for creativity desperately. So thus Contemporize Business Services was born!

So, whether you come to us from the corporate world, Mom & Shop, or Small town medium sized business- hear me when I say we GET YOU and we want to serve your business!

Our aim is to provide affordable, quality, and quick service to all customers! We pride ourselves on communication and proficiency in all aspects of business services.

Contact us today and let’s set up a chat time!

OR You can book your own complimentary consultation on our website:

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Have a great weekend and a fabulous Fri-YAY!

XOXO Grace Ann Polasek

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