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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

BY: Grace Ann Polasek

Hello all! Thank you for stopping by! Instead of having a traditional Valentine's Day this year I opted for a little something less practical and a little more adventurous! #whynottakeacrazychance

So.... this weekend (Valentine's Day Weekend,) a great gal pal and I headed down to NEW ORLEANS (NOLA) for a girl's trip adventure!

My dear friend came from the Mid-West and I from Texas after not seeing each other for a while and we started our trip!

The trip was a BLAST, this was my first time in New Orleans and I was thoroughly impressed- 10/10. It also just so happened to be Mardi Gras weekend and we saw so many fun people, parades, and dancers (we even saw T Pain as he was the 2020 Mardi Gras Grand Marshall!!) We had lots of new experiences, saw some interesting things, toured the swamp, ate LOTSSSS of yummy cajun food and more!

Overall, I would say NOLA is a place everyone should visit at least once in their life! While it is wild at night, the scenery, architecture, history and meaning of the city is absolutely special and amazing. The ability of a town to rebuild so well after such a destructive and catastrophic hurricane many years ago (Katrina) is extremely admirable!

Little tidbit of my personal feelings, for the LOVE, please do not take your young children.

In my personal opinion- downtown NOLA is no place for people under the age of 18, so make this a girls trip, bachelor or bachelorette party, a Mom & Dad trip but leave ya babies at HOME and thank me later. #nonolaforkids

Some of my FAVE downtown New Orleans hot spots include the following:

Favorite Tourist Attractions:

Enjoy the pics and if you have some fun NOLA spots or stories comment below and share them with us!

XOXO Grace Ann

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