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Do It Yourself- Tie Wreath Craft

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

By: Grace Ann Polasek Hello all! Happy Monday- I hope you are all staying sane and filling your days with activities which keep you grounded! I want to share a cute and easy DIY craft made from Dollar Tree items!

If you are like us, busybodies- you will love this adorable craft! #DIY

These tie wreaths are easy to make, fun, cute and a great craft for any season! They are also low cost and a great activity to sharpen your mind, motor skills and end with a rewarding project, AND they make a great gift! #giftidea What you will need to make a 9.8 inch Tie Wreath: 9.8 inch Foam Hoops Material Of Your Choice Ribbon Of Your Choice Ruler Pinking Shears Any Other Items You Want To Put On Your Wreath Glue Gun & Glue Sticks Mom got the idea to make a Tie Wreath from #Pinterest and in light of the current events and limited access to crafting supplies, we shopped the local Dollar Tree and Mom's craft closet for the items we needed! I actually purchased 90% of the materials from the Dollar Tree! #dollartreefind #budgetcrafts

The ruler, glue stick and glue gun, pinking shears, and other items we had laying around Mom's house so this proves the project is something ANYONE can do! First we decided what material we wanted to use- we ended up making 2 wreaths (the US Navy one is for MOM and the floral one is mine.) Then we cut the material in 10 ish inch strip length by 2 inch width, I would actually suggest making them 11 or 12 inches if youre using the size hoop we did (this would make the strips easier to tie,) but the larger the hoop you use the longer the strip will need to be! Do not worry if your lines are not straight or perfect, you will not even notice once the wreath is all put together. We started tying the strips on the hoop- we double knotted the strips and made a pattern in the design we liked! Once the material was all tied on we went in with ribbon and tied it where we wanted! Next we fastened a tiny piece of ribbon on the back of the hoop to hang it with! Finally we added the finishing touches (NAVY Post Card for MOM and Flower for ME!)

Overall this was an inexpensive and fun craft to make and we agreed we would do it again! Mom and I enjoyed each other's company and will enjoy using these wreaths this summer! #summertime The entire project cost us about $11 for 2 wreaths, so $5.50 a wreath and we still have materials left over for another time! #lowcostcraft I hope you enjoy this Do It Yourself project and if you end up making a wreath yourself I would LOVE to hear from you and see pics. Please comment below and share your experiences! As always, thank you for reading along! If you enjoyed this project share this post with your friends! #thankyou XOXO, Grace Ann

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