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Benefits: Dollars & Sense Put to the TEST!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Benefits: Dollars & Sense Put to the TEST!

BY: Grace Ann Polasek, CEO, Contemporize

As promised friends, we have a special #BLOGPOST for you this week on EMPLOYEE BENEFITS! What benefits do employees want, what do they get offered and what might be useless? Dive in to find out!

Who has been in an interview and either the interviewer or interviewee brings up benefits and immediately the room gets tense??? MEEEEE!!!!!!!! Lets take a moment and talk about this… Everyone’s favorite thing to talk about all wrapped up in a hot pink bow, (JUST KIDDING), when hiring, firing, or looking for a NEW JOB: Benefits!

Benefits matter both on the employee side as well as the EMPLOYER side so we dove into several small, medium and large sized benefits to see what employees want versus what they get!

The top CURRENTLY OFFERED & appreciated employee benefits amongst small to medium sized US businesses are as follows (in no order):

· Paid Vacation

· Healthy Snacks/ Drinks in the workplace

· Insurance (Medical, Dental, & Vision)

· Flexible Schedules (Work from HOME ability)

· Technology Stipend

· Discounts

The top WANTED employee benefits (rated by individuals currently in the workplace,) are as follows (in no order):

· Paid OR Unpaid Vacation (just vacation in general)

· Federal Holidays

· Sick Leave

· Insurance

· 401K Match

· Workplace understanding of work/ life balance

· Work from home ability

The top BENEFITS employees do not make employment offer decisions based on:

· Free lunches, snacks, drinks

· Incentives

· Gym Reimbursement

· Time off for Volunteering

· Holiday Gifts

When you take a look at these benefits it kind of wakes us up like an expectation versus reality picture. What do employees want versus what do they get? At Contemporize we truly believe happy employees are the foundation of a good company. When you have #happyworkers on your side who want to help in building your dream, there is nothing you cannot do! Maybe it is time to look at your employee benefit schedule and see what you are offering versus what your employees want? Incentives, gifts and pats on the back are always nice but should NOT be the foundation of your employee benefit program. Healthy, Happy employees will always have a higher ROI than any free lunch or gym reimbursement, so measure that! #BOOM

This year I challenge you to sit down with your company management, ownership or faithful tenured employees and see what you are spending versus what is actually appreciated- maybe there would be a better use of your money which would in turn foster a loyal culture amongst your company? If that scenario is the case and a culture is improved or workplace made better- there is no price on improvement, the price is PRICELESS!

Special Thanks: While some of our contributors wanted to remain anonymous, we have some of them who wanted to share their names: a few of our MAJOR contributors & Boutique Friends who helped us write this BLOG POST are as follows! (Be sure to check out these shops for some AMAZING products, fabulous shop owners, friendly & satisfied employees & mega kind hearts! #BOSSBABE

The Lace Cactus: Owner: Kelsey Darby



Gypsy Waltz: Owner: Dana Waltz



The Boutique HUB (this is the SMALL Business HQ!) The Boutique HUB is a business founded by Ashley Alderson and run by an amazing team which trains, supports, develops resources, provides a shoulder to cry on or cheer with and many more things to boutique business owners around the WORLD!



Sash: Owner: Nichole MacDonald



Discount Divas: Owner: Amanda Halpin- Kruse



Leave us a comment, like, share and or let us know what you think! What is important to you as a potential employee or as a business, we want to know!

***All research for this blog post was done independently and the ideas and opinions represented in this article are that of Contemporize, LLC and none other.

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