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About Contemporize- Who, What, When, Where, & Why!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

About Contemporize- Who, What, When, Where, & Why!

BY: Grace Ann Polasek, CEO, Contemporize

Who We Are: Contemporize: To occur as a result of present collaborations.

Founded in 2019 by Grace Ann Polasek, Contemporize is a 100% WOMAN OWNED marketing & solution firm built upon the basis of utilizing business innovation, competitive markets, & changing trends to regenerate a business and "Contemporize," or bring it to the times! #girlboss #girlpower

Our Experience: With years in the business industry: from owning a wholesale & retail company to now Contemporize, our aim is to creatively and diligently work with you to develop the best business solutions for your company. We believe by keeping customer concerns at the top of our priority list we can accomplish success together. #commongoals Our portfolio ranges from Boutique businesses to Cyber Security and more- we are equipped to handle any curve we are thrown!

Our Services: We offer an array of services which are cohesive for startups to all the way up to Fortune 500 Companies. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop! #allinone #marketing #publicrelations

· Digital Strategy & SEO

· Branding OR Rebranding

· Product Photography

· Market Research & Planning

· Graphic & Website Design

· Advertising Campaigns

Why Us: At Contemporize we think outside the box! #different We pride ourselves on forward thinking, innovation, competitive edge & creative solutions to cover every aspect of your needs! We are committed to delivering quality work which upholds our core company values of Honesty, Integrity, & Respect and treat every customer like they are our ONLY customer! We rock at time management and #multitasking and you can rest assured your business needs will be met with us on your side!

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