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About Contemporize:

Contemporary: Belonging to or occurring in the present. 

*Contemporize: To occur as a result of present collaborations*. 

Photo Credit: Bud Johnson Photography

Contemporize: To occur as a result of present collaborations. 

Founded by Grace Ann Polasek, Contemporize is a WOMAN OWNED business solution company built upon the basis of utilizing innovation, competitive markets, & changing trends to regenerate a business and "Contemporize," or bring it to the times! 

With years in the business industry: from owning a wholesale & retail company, to studying Business at Texas A&M University- Kingsville (GO HOGGIES!) to Contemporize, Grace Ann's aim is to creatively and diligently work with you to develop the best solutions! 

This site is dedicated to creativity, personality, being yourself and authenticity.

Transparency Statement:

Hello Friends and followers, Just an FYI, this blog/ website ( is a part of multiple affiliate programs. This means I may receive compensation from sponsored links and social media content if you click or make a purchase.

I promise to you to disclose if a post is sponsored.

I only post and or recommend items, products, and services that I really and truly love and have used and or own! 

Thank you SO SO much for supporting products and services that support me! 

All content is property of Grace Ann Polasek and Contemporize Business Services, LLC.